Technical coating systems for
Industrial flooring

CMR-free epoxy coating systems for industrial floors.

For application on industrial and public-access floors – warehouses, hangars, sheds,
workshops, laboratories, arenas, etc., in both new construction and maintenance/upgrading.

The coating solutions proposed range from a simple floor paint 30 micron thick,
via self-levelling coatings of medium (300µ) to high thicknesses
(1mm / 1.2mm / 2mm / 2.2mm / 2.7mm / 5mm), with non-slip finishes, through to glass-fiber-reinforced, heavy-duty floor coatings.

Depending on the chosen topcoat, high resistance to occasional or accidental spillage
of chemical substances can be obtained.

revêtement sols - ITER Cadarache 01

ITER room flooring – Cadarache Saint-Paul-lez-Durance (13)


ITER – Cadarache , Saint-Paul-lez-Durance (13), 2020-2021

Industrial shed floooring

Industrial shed, Bruz (35), 2019

revêtement sols - hangar industriel Bruz 01
industrie et chimie - station de traitement SIAAP

SIAAP room flooring at Achères SIAAP treatment plant

Filter press room

Achères (78), 2019

Thermal power plant room flooring at Gardanne (13)

ELECTROPERL® + LP 100/512 system

Thermal power plant, Gardanne (13), 2006

revêtement sols - centrale thermique Gardanne 01