Technical coating systems for Chemistry & Industry

Solvent-free epoxy and/or epoxy novolac and/or vinylester systems for the gasproofing, waterproofing and protection of concrete and steel tanks, reservoirs, temporary retentions and structures in contact with all types of chemical liquids and gases, acids, bases, however aggressive.

Depending on the nature of the product in contact and the storage temperature, products recommended will be TECHNOPERL® or CHEMPERL® or GELCOAT SV101 or LP 100/512 or 812 or AR100MD4 and CLX or CHEMPERL®

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As a general rule, on new or existing concrete substrates or on existing, corroded steel substrates, the recommended solutions will consist of multi-layer, glass-fiber-reinforced systems completed with a finishing coat determined by the nature of the gas/liquid/effluent stored and its maximum temperature of storage. On new steel or steel with a very good condition of surface after preparation, a single-layer coating, applied after blasting and priming, may be sufficient.

In any case, MAX PERLES will provide the appropriate technical specification on request,
taking into account the data supplied on the nature and temperature of the content
and the current condition of the container.

Resin / glass fabric multi-layer lamination gives the systems resistance to existing
and future cracking in a concrete substrate of up to 20/10ths of a mm.

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Centre de maintenance des rames RATP Clichy(92) 2018

Industrial building in contact with waste water, oil, grease, and other aggressive liquids’ waterproofing


Several structures were built in this RATP maintenance station using TECHNOPERL® epoxy laminate coating reinforced with glass fabric for retention areas, pits, basins, storage areas in contact with wastewater or rainwater, oils and greases, or aggressive liquids waterproofing

Maintenance station for RATP trains Clichy (92), 2018

Salt water test tank waterproofing


TECHNOPERL® epoxy laminate coating reinforced with P80 glass fabric for salt water test tank waterproofing

IFREMER test tank Brest (29), 2006

industrie - bassin d'essai ifremer

Brine tank concrete floor waterproofing


TECHNOPERL® epoxy laminate coating reinforced with P80 glass fabric with a GELCOAT SV101 epoxy novolac finish for brine tank concrete floor waterproofing

Geothermal power plant, Soultz-sous-Forêts (67), 2020

Ferric chloride retention tank and unloading area waterproofing


The concrete retention was waterproofed thanks to an epoxy laminate coating TECHNOPERL® reinforced with glass fabric P45 with an epoxy novolac finish GELCOAT SV101

The unloading area received the same coating but reinforced with P120 glass fabric compatible with heavy traffic

Unloading area and retention, Lestrem (62), 2021

Concrete buffer tank waterproofing


The epoxy laminate coating TECNOPERL® reinforced with glass fabric P45 with a vinylester finish CHEMPERL® allowed the 500 m² concrete buffer basin waterproofing

Food production plant, 2021