Technical coating systems for
Food & Beverage

Solvent-free epoxy coating systems, with or without glass fabric reinforcements, that are chemically neutral for permanent contact with all types of foodstuffs, whether liquid, semi-solid or solid.

They comply with all toxicological, health and food regulations currently in force.

They create a barrier between the raw concrete or steel container and the edible product stored,
on which bacteria will not appear and proliferate.

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Designed for use in the storage, processing and transformation of foodstuffs.
They may be used in silo-type installations, where they will allow the vertical movements of the content to be fluid, thus eliminating the risk of the wall surfaces being partially torn off.

They have been successfully subjected to many global migration and other tests :

  • Bisphenol A, phthalates content, epichlorohydrin. Test reports are available on request.

They are simple and quick to clean due to their smooth and homogeneous surface.

As a general rule, they are applied on concrete as multi-layer, glass-fiber-reinforced systems
completed with the appropriate finishing coat, and on steel as single-layer coatings.

Resin / glass fabric multi-layer lamination gives the systems resistance to existing
and future cracking in a concrete substrate of up to 20/10ths of a mm.

Depending on the nature of the product stored, products recommended will be
OENOPERL® V or T or LP 100/512 or AR100CLX.

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agroalimentaire - Cave coopérative viticole

Food tanks waterproofing and protection

OENOPERL® system

View of the outside of the tank

Cooperative wine cellar, Gironde, 2016

Food tanks waterproofing and protection

OENOPERL® system

View of the inside of the tank

Maceration tank, Vacqueyras (84), 2013

agroalimentaire - CUVE DE MACÉRATION