Located 60 km North of Paris, MAX PERLÈS is proud to present its new state-of-the-art laboratory. Designed in compliance with all applicable health, safety and environmental regulations and equipped with regulated ambient conditions of temperature and humidity, our building of more than 250 sqm comprises our Research & Development Department and our Quality Control Department.

Research, Development and Innovation

As innovation is part of our DNA, MAX PERLÈS invests a significant part of its turnover in Research and Development (10% over the period 2022-2023).

Committed to environmental protection, MAX PERLÈS’ laboratory focuses its R&D projects on:

  • The integration in its formulations of an ever-increasing share of bio-based and recycled raw materials with low environmental cost, but without reducing their efficiency and sustainability;
  • The eco-design of new products providing higher chemical and mechanical performances (with reinforced, conductive and antistatic properties) and capable of responding to current and future challenges.

Maximum performance in coatings can only be achieved if the quality of the application matches the quality of the coatings, so MAX PERLÈS proposes to train its customers’ personnel in the use of its products using our R&D and Technical Service and Assistance teams.

Quality assurance

Because the trust of our customers is essential, MAX PERLÈS is certified ISO 9001: version 2015 on all our internal processes, including the design and the control of conformity of our products.

To ensure the quality, performance and compliance of our coatings, each manufacturing step is subject to validation. Our laboratory carries out rigorous controls on:

  • Our raw materials before their integration into the production process: dosage, viscosity, infrared testing,etc …;
  • Our semi-finished products in the course of manufacture;
  • Our finished products : dry extract, resistivity, density …

Specific controls are also done at customer request and for CE certification (adhesion test, tear test, chemical resistance, drying time, reactivity and hardness, etc.).

State-of-the-art equipment

Our laboratory is equiped with :

  • Rhometer;
  • Goniometer;
  • Electrometer;
  • PH-meter;
  • Shore A&D Durometers ;
  • Drying time recorder;
  • Muffle furnace;
  • Climate chamber;
  • Airless-type application equipment;
  • Dispersers and mixers;
  • Grinding and Ball mills…