Solvent-free epoxy-based systems for the gasproofing, waterproofing and protection of concrete and steel tanks,
reservoirs and structures : storage and retention of all types of liquids and gases found in both Nuclear
and Traditional Power Stations, including radio-active effluents and agressive acids and bases ;
protection of interior concrete walls and floors from premature degradation ;
protection of exterior concrete domes and cooling towers from premature degradation.

Our ELECTROPERL systems are decontaminable.
They are also widely used in the treatment and storage of nuclear waste
as well as nuclear energy research establishments.

They contribute to the security of these type of installations.

Epoxy resin / glass fabric multi-layer lamination gives the system resistance to existing
and future cracking in a concrete substrate of up to 20/10ths of a millimeter.

Color : GREY

Standard packaging : kits (base + hardener) of 12 Kg, in plastic cans easy to recycle.

centrale nucléaire EPR3 - énergie

EPR nuclear plant
Flamanville (50), France

BIP Fixer and ELECTROPERL System
2010 – 2018

EDF technical room
Cruas (07), France

ELECTROPERL System, SV 101 finishing

local technique EDF - énergie

Rétention - énergie

EDF Retention
Civaux (86), France


EDF EPR technical room
Flamanville (50), France

ELECTROPERL System, SV 101 finishing

local technique EPR3 - énergie

centrale nucléaire - système MAEVA

Reactor building
Golfech (82), France

MAEVA System

Air cooler
Dampierre-en-Burly (45),

BIP Fixer

aéro réfrigérant - énergie