Research Laboratory

revêtement technique industriel - laboratoire 01

The lab.

Research & Development is a strategic activity
for Max Perlès in the perspective of continuous improvement of the technical and environmental performances of its coating systems.

The objective of the R & D activities is to develop
high value-added products and systems
that will allow our customers to win
in environmental reliability, sustainability
and therefore profitability.

& Developement

For Max Perlès, R & D is :

  • Innovation through design and development
    of new value-added products:
    epoxy and polyurea coatings with specific, reinforced,
    conductive properties or antistatic for various applications
  • An active technical-economic and regulatory watch
    by identifying and analyzing new technologies,
    new materials, new markets in development
    to adapt the innovation and protection strategy
    of the business environment.
  • An opening towards partnerships, public and private,
    by setting up collaborative development projects like
    FUI, ANR and European type
revêtement technique industriel - laboratoire 01
revêtement technique industriel - laboratoire 01


The Max Perlès laboratory is equipped with:

  • Rheometer, for the study and the rheological behavior
    of the mixtures.
  • Goniometer, for contact angle measurements
    and surface energy of materials, liquid / solid.
  • Electrometer, for electrical conductivity measurements
    or volume and surface resistivity,
    in the fields of electrostatic and antistatic dissipation
  • PH meter, for acidity measurements
  • Pendulum hardness / hardness pendulum PERSOZ
  • Shore durometer …
  • Drying time recorder coating …
  • Dispersers / Mixers
  • Ball mills, to improve the fineness
    and the quality of products
  • drying ovens
  • Muffle furnace for measuring ash levels
  • Climate chamber for aging
  • Airless type application machines,
    in weight and in volume